Can you guarantee I will work a minimum number of hours?
Health Care Staffing of Tennessee, Inc. has a large variety of assignments. The number of hours you work is largely impacted by your flexibility and availability when accepting work assignments. We are not able to guarantee a minimum number of hours, but we will work with you to keep you as busy as you want to be.

I have worked private duty assignments in the past, but I only want to work with adults and/or children. Can you work my with preferences?
Health Care Staffing of Tennessee, Inc. will offer you the patient assignments for which you are best matched. If you have a preference as to a certain patient population, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I do not live in an area close to your Chattanooga office; will I need to travel there?
Health Care Staffing of Tennessee, Inc. serves patients and clients in 17 counties.  Initially, when applying for any position, our recruiter is available to come to you for an interview.  We have seven offices throughout East Tennessee to coordinate your interview location.  When you are hired, you will need to come to our Chattanooga office for your orientation.  Afterwards, all documentation requirements can be turned into our outlying locations. We work hard to make working for us as easy as possible.

I have never worked with a patient on mechanical ventilation or with a tracheostomy. Can you train me?
Yes, we provide hands on training for all nurses. Our vent and trach training is provided by a clinical specialist. Assignments to a ventilator dependent patient are not made without ensuring you are knowledgeable and comfortable with the care.

I have never worked in private duty. How much support can I expect?
In addition to our in office orientation, we require each employee to do an “on site” orientation. This orientation is required before you provide care to any of our patients independently. The orientation will be provided by a clinical staff member who is familiar with that particular patient. Additionally, all patients are case managed by an RN Clinical Care Manager who is the “go to” for any and all questions.  This manager will provide additional training and clinical care oversight throughout your employment. A Clinical Care Manager is on call twenty-four hours a day for after hour questions or concerns.

What hours and shifts will I work?
Our patients receive care ranging from twenty four-hours a day to as little as four hour shifts.  Many of our nurses and certified nursing assistants work 40 hours a week, designating us their primary employer. Others stay with another employer and supplement with our assignments. As much or as little work as you want, we will work with you to find your perfect schedule.